CHHM has convened a talented group of interdisciplinary clinicians and scientists to tackle some of the most devastating and crippling problems currently facing British Columbia and Canada’s healthcare system. To meet the needs of our aging population today, and to prepare for the demographic realities of the future, there is an urgent need to support development of more sustained and cost-effective solutions for the problems that affect bones and joints.

The CHHM mandate is to focus on health and mobility for all Canadians across the lifespan. CHHM synthesizes our wide range of research areas into 2 key Areas of Focus under the banner of Mobility: Healthy Aging and Bone & Joint Health.

Our research themes include:

•   Health Promoting Built and Social Environments

•   Health Promoting Behaviour

•   Falls & Injury Prevention

•   Healthy Joints

•   Healthy Bones

•   Healthy Tendons

•   Surgical Solutions

Research into action, from the lab to the community

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