CHHM hosts an established Trainee Committee that is for trainees, by trainees. They actively facilitate learning and social opportunities with fellow trainees who represent over 15 academic disciplines. The culture of collaboration and integration supports learning from one another and the world-class faculty based at CHHM.

Trainee Committee Goals

  • Facilitate educational / professional development events relevant to (and where possible, determined by) ALL trainees at CHHM, including but not limited to the annual trainee day
  • Facilitate interaction between trainees, both professionally and socially
  • Serve as ‘knowledge bank’ for new and current trainees
  • Act as liaison between staff, faculty, and trainees

Our Members

The trainee committee comprises of elected members (CHHM affiliated trainees, Executive Committee), Faculty Liaisons, a CHHM Operations Liaison, and other CHHM Trainees or CHHM Staff that volunteer to serve the trainee community at CHHM.

Our trainee committee can’t exist without committed trainees! Are you a CHHM trainee interested in adding to the trainee experience? Never hesitate to get involved by emailing us.

Undergraduate or graduate students who seek an opportunity to train with CHHM faculty are encouraged to link their interests with those of specific faculty members and contact the faculty member directly through their home academic departments.